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The Super-Fast & Easy Hostess Gift and/or Seasonal Décor Pillow Project—not only FREE, it’s down

I’m going for the less is more approach with this post:  Fewer words, more images, and a Super-Fast & Easy Pillow pattern—gotta love it. It’s all because I scored heavenly photos of autumnal foliage from Neil Porter from Bristol, England. He’s the talented photographer husband of Christine Porter, my blogging sister Darra’s co-author. Neil’s given me permission to share them with you.  Enjoy!

Copyright 2011 by Neil Porter

Copyright 2011 by Neil Porter

Copyright 2011 by Neil Porter

Now didn’t Neil take a lovely stroll through Westonbirt Arboretum (a short distance from the home of HRH Prince Charles)? I can just about feel the crisp air, catch a whiff of chimney fires, and hear the crunching sounds of fallen leaves under a footfall.

The photos inspired a burst of craftiness on my part–what with the need for holiday hostess gifts and seasonal decor . . . So here’s a decorative pillow I whipped up from fabric and embellishments I had in my stash. The pillow construction is super, super simple and once you’ve mastered it you can make a pillow in less than 30 minutes—decorations add time, of course, but nothing too heinous.

Hand-stamped autumn leaf images scattered on gold-washed cotton embellished with decorative thread and beads.

A closer look at the super-fast & easy pillow project.

Because the Super-Fast & Easy Pillow is such an adaptable design, I’m going to show you a winter holiday version in my next post. Think of this pattern as a totally transformable hostess/holiday gift. Sew an autumn version for a friend and then bestow a winter holiday version of the pillow cover a few weeks later. It’s a gift that keeps on giving!

Time to announce the winners from my Diamond Jubilee pattern giveaway:  Carol, Connie, Kathy L., Cathy and Doris. Congratulations!  Laura has generously donated five patterns for this giveaway. BTW: we’ve got some fun ideas and treats for the holiday season so be sure to check the upcoming blog posts for details.

p.s.  Special thanks to the wonderful Elaine Beattie who lent me her rubber stamps, paints, and supplies.

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