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On the Flip Side

A week or two ago I was appreciating the messy beauty of the backs of a couple of quilt tops. I'm trying to finish a few things to show during the Piedmont Art Walk in May, so I pulled out a couple of UFOs -- tops I like but just haven't finished...yet.

This one is silk, so it's full of fraying edges, especially since it's been more than two years since I pieced it.

I was able to quilt it relatively quickly, because it's small (only about 30x36), and it's backed with cotton, not with something cozy (and stretchy and bulky). The hardest part was deciding how to quilt it. I auditioned a few different patterns and thread colors before I settled on the vertical lines.

Now I'm working on the back... first the binding, then the hanging sleeve and the label.

The other one is made from old shirts -- part of my plaids-and-stripes series before I knew I was starting a plaids-and-stripes series.

I've started quilting this one, too. It clearly belongs in the large, bulky, cozy category.

I'd love to show you something more complete, but my walking foot seems to be falling apart and my roommate (the college freshman) is home for spring break, occupying my sewing space again!

Sometimes life gets turned around, and things don't happen the way we plan. Here's hoping that you can find the beauty even in the frayed edges on the flip side!


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