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Last-Minute Stocking Stuffer: A FREE Super-Easy Downloadable Jewelry Pouch Project

A twist on Christmas roses--ranunculus!

Are you on the left- or right-side of holiday panic? I’m hovering somewhere in between with most of my shopping done, but meal planning is a bust, at least for now. I have faith everything will work out, although I wish I could convince my dear snarky eldest child (who is quite grownup) that holiday traditions aren’t set in stone.  Yes, we can deviate from our Mexican-cuisine habit for one Christmas Eve. Shouldn’t the chief-cook-and-bottle-washer get the final say? Alas, he’s my most enthusiastic Christmas elf and I should adhere to his holiday sensibilities even if I’ve got a hankering for different flavors this year. Alas, I suspect there’s an enchilada lasagna in my future after all . . .

So, about that panic . . . the best cure is making gifts for friends and family.  Really.  Just channel that angst into something pretty. I did it by dreaming up yet another variation of that seasonal pillow project that I’ve dropped twice so far into our blog pattern library.