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Last Call for SHWS Exhibit of African Quilts: Get Your Views in Now!

Paula Benjaminson and I want to extend our thanks to the wonderful quilt artists who contributed to our online exhibition of African-themed quilts. While I’m so sad the exhibition is closing, the good news is that the Gallery space will not be empty. We’ll be debuting a photo tour of the 2012 Quilting in the Garden exhibition at Alden Lane in Livermore, California where we, the See How We Sew bloggers, were invited to display our quilts along with the handiwork of the spectacular Judy Mathieson and Thom Atkins, among others.

Thanks as well to our viewers who made the exhibition the MOST successful online event we’ve sponsored to date. Wow! You visited in droves from across the globe. It was epic!

Hand-dyes from Ghana offered for sale at PIQF 2012 from Ananse Village of Ft. Bragg, CA.

We also got input from vendors who sell African fabrics in North America.  Ananse Village which is based in Ft. Bragg, yet another coastal locale (Mendocino this time), sells a wide variety of fabrics and handicrafts from Africa and Haiti. (Clearly, I’m having a Love Coastal California week with my Tuesday post about the Monterey Peninsula.)

I had a close encounter with Ananse Village’s African prints at the 2012 Pacific International Quilt Festival a couple of weekends ago and succumbed to a pair of damask Ghanian prints. Hey, after Paula’s rundown on several types of African fabrics, I’m almost licensed to be an expert. Almost.

Delicious piles of artisanal African fabrics displayed by Ananse Village at PIQF 2012, Santa Clara, CA.

Ananse Village, like Michelle Dunn of Kallisti Quilts and Valerie Hearder of African Threads who both contributed quilts to our Gallery show, sells fabric and handicrafts online.

Close-up view of some lovely mustard yellow prints–I ONLY bought yellow fabrics at PIQF. Why? Just because . . .

Even though the African exhibit is closing, the exhibition’s Gallery Guide will continue to be available here.

Happy sewing,

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