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I have the best friends! Look what was delivered to my house yesterday. My talented friend Sherry—who is also a quilter—knows how much I love cookies.

Aren’t they the most beautiful cookies you’ve ever seen? I just had to get my camera out and share them with you. (Well, at least a photo of them. Sorry, I’m not that generous…although I do wish I could send each one of you a sample so you can see for yourself just how wonderful they are.) I keep telling Sherry that she needs to go into business. Don’t you agree?

Look at the detail on these.

And these. They are absolutely perfect in every way.

How can I possibly eat these lovely works of art… and which one first? OK, I’ll start with the healthiest one. Just as I suspected…. so yummy!

Now I’m inspired to make some coordinating napkins to go with these adorable treats. They (the napkins) will be perfect for the Spring Luncheon I am having with my mother and daughters.

Here are the fabrics I’m going to use.

The instructions for making these easy, double-sided napkins are graciously shared by the creative mother-daughter team of Margaret Linderman and Janis Stob. They were first included in the book Fig Tree Sewing. I know you’ll enjoy making them; they will add such a special touch to any party.

1.  Measure and cut a 4-1/4″ triangle from each corner of the back fabric. Some rulers have the 45-degree angle markings perfectly placed to cut exactly this size triangle.

Cut a 4-1/4" triangle from each corner.

2.  Press the sides only (not corners) 1/4″ to the wrong side of the fabric.

Turn and press sides 1/4" to the backside.

3.   Fold the fabric, right sides together, and use a 1/4″-wide seam allowance to stitch the corners, as shown.

Fold and stitch corners with a 1/4" seam allowance.

4.  Turn and press the fabric, right side facing out. Be sure to make the corners sharp and neat.

5.  Center the front fabric inside the backing fabric. Use pins to hold the layers secure. Starting on a side rather than at a corner, topstitch around the inside fold of the backing fabric. Pivot at the corners.

How cute is this? Give it a good press and VOILÁ!… you’re ready for a party.

I’ve seen this technique applied to tablecloths and baby blankets. Imagine using a minkie-type fabric on the front and flannel on the back/border. Wouldn’t that be adorable?

Until next time, dear readers, may you enjoy the sweetness of this season…and lots of delicious cookies!

*Save the Dates: May 11th & 18th. I’ll be live on C&T Publishing’s new Wednesday Night Live! Simply go to C&T’s Digital Lounge at 6:00 p.m. (PDT) to watch my quilt-block tutorials. Here’s a sneak peek of the fabrics I’ll be using. They just arrived from Moda. I can’t wait to cut into them. Hope to see you in the “Digital Lounge.”

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