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A Creative Process: First Steps in Designing a Quilt

There are times when whim governs my quilt-design process–I just jump in and see where an idea takes me (believe me, it’s a hit-or-miss strategy). More often, though, my ideas are jumbled mental clutter. I’m sure there’s something doable in the mess, but I just can’t grasp it. One way I dig myself out of a mental morass is by perusing my collection of torn-out magazine pages because I like to see what my subconscious is telling me (sometimes very cool things). Nowadays, armed with a digital camera, I’ve added another element to my creative process by taking photos of appealing things.

Here’s what I have so far . . . enjoy! (Yeah, I know, I’m clearly attached to pinks, oranges, and yellows right now.) FYI:  I’ve embedded links in each photo so you can visit the sources that interest you.

Seasonal flowers at one of my favorite local shops, Florali.

Judith Lieber pillboxes at Nieman Marcus. The display of Red-Carpet-worthy evening bags at the Union Square Nieman's in San Francisco is glorious (but a challenge to photograph).

A stellar glass still life of fruit by Flora C. Mace and Joey Kirkpatrick at the De Young Museum in San Francisco.

One of the astonishing floral displays at the 2012 Bouquets to Art exhibition at the De Young Museum San Francisco. A floral interpretation of the sculpture of Ruth Asawa by Yu-Mei Chen and Chin-Huat Chang of San Jose, CA.

Of course this is an Amy Butler fabric--I LOVE ikat prints!

German glass beads and miscellaneous other beads.

Spools and spools of my favorite variegated threads from DMC.

Don't you just love a well organized rack of notions? A peek at the ribbon wonders at Britex Fabrics, Union Square, San Francisco.

More of Britex's wondrous notions collection . . . what can I make with velvet ribbon?

Britex also features Dupioni silk in every imaginable hue.

Till next time, happy sewing!

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